The following is a post by Dominic Manning, Product Delivery Manager at Qixol Ltd. He has been building software applications on the Microsoft stack for 15 years, with many of those spent delivering to the retail sector.

Qixol Promo is using the power of Azure to drive changes in the way retailers manage their promotions. Retailers and consumers want a consistent approach across all channels, with phrases like “that offer is only available on our website” being a thing of the past. If a customer sees an advertisement online, they expect to get the same deal if they visit a store or phone the call center and speak to an assistant.

Sometimes, retailers have a limited capability in their systems to offer promotions and discounts, and Qixol Promo can help bridge this gap, bringing a new dynamic to an aging platform. Qixol Promo utilizes the scalability, reliability, and global redundancy of Microsoft Azure to ensure that services provide the highest level of availability.

“We’ve built Qixol Promo to help retailers provide a consistent customer experience. Promotions are created, managed, and tested in one place. Promotion activity is available for analysis from one place. All channels can talk to Qixol Promo, ensuring the same promotions are available across those channels, and therefore the experience of the customer is the same regardless of how they are shopping with the retailer,” says Alister Jones, CTO of Qixol Ltd.

Qixol Promo has a web application that allows retailers to manage their promotions, run test scenarios, and monitor the effectiveness of a promotion. Retailers can build rewards based on discounts, free products, loyalty points or coupons (or all of these). Further to this, the Promo Engine provides a set of easy-to-use services, for simple integration with external systems (websites, tills, call centers, mobile apps, etc.).

Qixol Promo is free to try, with no restrictions on time, with all comments, feedback, or inquiries welcome. Visit to see how Qixol Promo uses the power of Azure to provide consistent retail experiences.